No Scream Cream

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Numb The Area 

When you start using No-Scream Cream, you'll stop dreading your waxing appointments. 


No-Scream Cream: Some people still think the benefits of waxing are not worth the pain. But now, with No-Scream Cream, a topical anesthethic, you can ease waxing discomfort by approximately 80%. 

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About This Product

Relax & Wax has developed a numbing cream that reduces the pain of waxing up to 70%. We use benzocaine in our numbing cream which absorbs deeper and lasts longer than traditional numbing creams.

How Do I Use It?

No Scream Cream should be applied 30-45 minutes before waxing. After No Scream Cream is applied, it will absorb into the skin in about 5-10 minutes. No Scream Cream isn't messy or greasy. It won't harm clothing and is safe to use anywhere you want to wax!

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Kate P

Who Said Beauty Had To Be Painful?

This product worked like a charm - I received a sugar Brazilian yesterday for the 2nd time and it numbed the entire area ... “No Scream Cream” is a saving grace!

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Victoria B

Buy this if you’re scared of your next waxing appointment
GAME CHANGER. After reading mixed reviews, I followed directions and hoped for the best but anticipated the worst. The technician did the three most sensitive parts of a Brazilian first and while it still hurt, i kept waiting for the the “real bad one”, those of you who have had a Brazilian KNOW exactly what I’m talking about...but wait, it was DONE! This stuff **really** took the edge off during and after a wax. The drive home with tight fitting jeans on wasn’t even a thing. WORTH ITS WEIGHT IN GOLD.

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Joyce W

You won’t ever wax without it again!
This is the best product out there. It significantly eases the discomfort without any irritation. I've waxed ONCE without it and will never make that mistake again. TRUST ME!!! TRY IT!!!



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