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Step #3: Calm And Soothe 

No-Trauma Momma!

Helps to alleviate the trauma associated with waxing, chemical peels and laser treatments. No Trauma Momma leaves the skin feeling calmer and more refreshed.

This handy product also helps soothe the skin after sunburns or common kitchen burns. 

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About This Product

We are in love with this after wax treatment! No Trauma Momma! helps alleviate "trauma” to the skin associated with waxing. Our natural blend of botanicals will aid in healing the skin of irritation and inflammation while also increasing moisturization to treat dry or damaged skin. *can also be used after chemical peels, laser treatment, and even burns to the skin!

How Do I Use It?

Apply immediately after hair removal (waxing, sugaring, threading, etc) to instantly calm and soothe skin while reducing redness and irritation.

This is not a numbing cream, if you wish to purchase a numbing cream please click here. 

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Jessica H

I put this on after I wax to soothe my skin. It really helps calm down my skin after the trauma it experiences after ripping out all my hair! The name really fits, No Trauma Momma!

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Katie B

I was introduced to this product at the day spa that waxes my legs and such. It takes the sting away and has a cooling effect to the painful area.!
I get bad razor bumps and I started waxing and using an epilator, of course that stings a bit so once you apply this and the red is gone by morning!
It has a nice scent...sort of spa like, it has tree oil in it so I guess that's what I smell!

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Patti D

I recommend this to all women who remove matter how. It's great on legs and helps with that Brazilian or bikini wax. I'm talking from experience here! Get this product and for the price you can't beat it. 



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